Grand National 

View our videos below of Many Clouds winning the 2015 Crabbies Grand National


Having the use of the Jockey Club Estates Training Grounds in Lambourn gives us the option of schooling all year round as in addition to the two grass schooling grounds there is an all weather. We use the all weather when the horses first start schooling in September, after their summer break. They are can be quite fresh when they first start schooling so this helps to avoid any injuries which might occur on the grass. They will use the grass once we have had enough rain and there is some cut in the ground.

There are a range of modern and traditional fences and hurdles with varying sizes to choose from. For the young horse who have never jumped there are poles and barrels to start them off and once they are confident over these they progress on to the baby hurdles. 



We are lucky to be one of the few yards in Lambourn which have an Equine Swimming Pool. Nearly all the our horses swim at least once a week to maintain fitness and loosen up any tight muscles. It is invaluable for horses recovering from injury as "weightless" exercise is better than standing in a box. It is also used to freshen up horses after a busy campaign. 

Our lunging ring it where all the unbroken youngsters start their training. They will spend many an hour being lunged and long reined in here before being ridden for the first time.   

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