Rhonehurst, the training establishment of Oliver Sherwood and his team is ideally equipped with top class facilities.


Lambourn Downs

Lambourn Downs, an area steeped in history with close links between horse and man through the ages.

Ever since man carved the image of this beautiful and elegant creature in the Down's chalk it easy to see why the beauty and open spaces of this area would provide a natural draw to horse and man. Literally, a stone throws from the Lambourn Downs, Rhonehurst has some of the most outstanding gallops in the country adjacent to the yard.


The stables are located in a combination of enclosed picturesque historic courtyards including some internal boxes.


Surrounded by elements of nature at their best, mature ornamental trees, manicured lawns and little intrusion from the hustle and bustle of 21st man, it is plain to see the calming influence that this environment has on the horses stabled here.


In addition to the extensive training facilities on hand, Rhonehurst can draw on it's own covered equine swimming pool, horse walker and lunging areas to bring the horses to tip top condition.

The Team

One of the most important elements of a training establishment are it's people. Oliver is proud that Rhonehurst has a record of loyalty and dedication from the people that work there.

This dedication and consistency ensures smooth planning of campaigns for National Hunt's top prizes.