Weekly Report

29-October-2019 11:12
in General
by Admin

Saturday 19th October Makety.

Makety hated the sticky ground at Stratford, she would handle either soft or good but she didn’t enjoy this.

She went for her girth three out so there is improvement on a fitness level but I wouldn’t use that as an excuse.

She’ll be fine and now she’s more relaxed she may get further, as her pedigree suggests.


Sunday 20th October Paseo.

Paseo was probably beaten by a better horse on the day but he is still very much a work in progress.

Paseo can further brush up his jumping technique and I believe he will continue to improve with racing.


Wednesday 23rd October West Coast Flyer.

It was a non event, he’s been on the go for 18 months non stop now and he was laboured, he’ll go off for a break now.

He will also have his wind checked out.


Thursday 24th October What’s Occurring.

Gavin slipped on landing over the first (just a novicey mistake), Leighton then had to get him back into some sort of rhythm in a race that was run at a fast and furious pace.

Gavin’s jumping became more assured as he went on and he looked flat out leaving the back straight, he won this by staying which is encouraging because we thought he wanted further last season but he was too weak to get it.


Saturday 26th October Lady In Hiding.

Lady put up a brave performance against the boys on very testing ground.

She is a tough mare who will be better off back against her own sex.



Sunday 27th October Wheesht.

Wheesht had won a point to point previous to this race and when there looked to be no pace she lined up at the head of affairs, due to freshness she probably did a bit too much in front but in the end she ran seriously below par.

She will be checked over to see if anything comes to light.