29th January - Hereford

29-January-2018 6:36
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One runner today at Hereford.


Rouge is a particular favourite here at Rhonehurst, he’s been here for ten years.

He was originally retired at the tender age of six when he had terrible breathing problems which three operations failed to correct, see the comment below.


“When Rouge had his first ever run for me at Warwick he made a noise and his wind was terrible, he had a wind op and didn't run again for three months. The next time he ran he pulled up and still couldn't breathe. We did everything we could to help with his breathing we even had him tubed, which is not allowed anymore, and in January 2011 he was retired.

He became the yard hack, he led the babies up on the downs, did a bit of schooling to help the young jockeys and that was his lot until one day my daughter Sabrina rode him, she was supposed to be following the string and cantering over a mile on the grass. Rouge had other ideas and ran away with her, she passed by two lots of workers and when he came by me his wind sounded fine?

I began to train him again but tentatively always expecting the worst.

In December 2012 nearly two years after "retiring" he made a winning comeback at Folkestone, and has never made a noise since.

He became a celebrity with the vets who had operated on him, they had not, and still have not, seen anything like it.

We remain baffled but delighted”.


Rouge was again retired at the end of last season when he became lacklustre he was being used as a hack but became so full of himself that we decided to let Pippa have some fun with him, she rides him out every day and he runs away with her most of the time...they adore each other.


I don’t know how he will run but he has been in terrific form at home, he will love the ground and hopefully he can give Pippa a great spin around.


Rouge is looked after and will be led up by Peter Macek, he is ridden at home by Pippa