20-July-2021 12:33
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by Admin

It’s very disappointing that Panorama felt the need to show such a misleading, gut wrenching episode tonight blaming horse racing for the horrific deaths of those poor animals at an abattoir, many of which were clearly not thoroughbreds.

It was an episode designed to shock and it had very little evidence to back up their sensationalist claims.

This was gutter journalism and not at all a true representation of what goes on in the majority of racing yards up and down the country.

Sadly it’s not untypical of the way that (BBC) organisation has gone in recent times and let’s not forget it was Panorama that faked documents in order to get the now discredited Diana interview with Martin Bashir.

In these very transparent days of social media you (the public) are able to see what goes on behind the scenes in our workplace and you also know from reading my (and other trainers) web sites that we try our best to rehome horses after their racing life.

It’s not always possible, you may recall I recently asked an owner to remove his two horses that I felt were not enjoying their racing anymore when he refused to let me retire them.

Racing isn’t perfect and I do think that we probably didn’t do enough years ago to ensure ex racehorses had another life to move on to, that has changed for the better with the emergence of ROR shows and the many yards that now specialise in re training racehorses.

Racing will continue to listen and to learn but we need your support now more than ever in order to halt the amount of misinformation that is peddled by organisations that don’t want horses to do anything competitive.

The Disney culture is unrealistic and many of these people have a misguided idea that a horse bred to compete would prefer to spend its days turned out in a field …bored senseless and up to their knees in mud.

Some of our rehomed / retrained racehorses



Felix D'Autry

The Groovy Hoovy

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The Fresh Prince

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