7th March - Hereford

07-March-2020 6:37
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by Admin

One runner today at Hereford.


Donladd showed promise in both his bumper runs last season but we’ve had a nightmare time with him this winter, hence the long gap since his last race.

It’s mainly been annoying little niggles until we realised he needed a wind operation before Christmas.

 We were schooling in January when he pulled his front shoe off and he also took off a huge chunk of his foot, it took time to heal and he was due to run two days later, so those are the issues we’ve been dealing with.


Donladd is a horse that works nicely at home and I thought he could be above average last season and even though he ran ok in his bumpers he didn’t fulfil his promise, maybe that was weakness or maybe his wind time will tell.


He schools very well at home.


He will be ridden by Jonathan Burke.


Donladd is looked after and will be led up by Jan Soldan, he is ridden at home by various.