7th November - Ffos Llas & Sandown

06-November-2021 12:35
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Three runners - Sunday.


Mistersister was in training here with Charlie Mann (my landlord) last season.

He ran ok on a couple of occasions but he was ultimately disappointing, this can sometimes happen with horses that have come over from France.

Mistersister had a good summer out and since he came back into training he hasn’t missed a beat, he’s definitely improved physically since he arrived in July.


Mistersister is a sweet horse at home, he’s very honest and he loves his jumping.

Today will be a bit of a learning mission for us all but I hope he can recapture the form he showed in France, he will most likely go chasing after this.


He will be ridden by Katie O’Farrell.

Katie is based with Ollie Murphy and she has been coming in to school regularly for the last couple of months, she’s a good jockey who like a lot of others just needs the right breaks in order to get going again after coming over from Ireland.


Crypto has run in two Irish point to points winning his second one before being bought by Tim Syder to join us.


Crypto is a good looking strong type who doesn’t look like a four year old, he works nicely and he’s done plenty of schooling in anticipation of a hurdling campaign after this depending on how he runs.


Crypto is tough in his attitude, he doesn’t like fuss in his stable and would bite or kick you when tacking up or putting his rugs on.

However he’s not like that at exercise which he thoroughly enjoys.



Ffos Las.

Keith won this race twelve months ago off a lot lighter weight than he’s been allotted today but Alfie is able to claim 10lbs off his back which will help.

Keith went on to have a good season the highlight of which was winning the Sussex National at Plumpton, he travelled so well that day and it was great to see him bag a decent prize.


Keith came back from his summer holiday looking like a stallion, he looked fantastic, so he’s taken plenty of work to get fit.

He loves heavy ground so any rain that falls will help him and he’s been in good form at home.


Keith is a character at home, he’s usually lazy in his work but occasionally he decides to completely run away with his work jockey, he basically does what he wants to and can have a buck when he’s fresh.

He’s been with us for a few years now so we’ve got to know all of his quirks and he’s a popular member of the team here.


He will be ridden by Alfie Jordan.




Mistersister is looked after and will be led up by Harry Brown, he is ridden at home by Shannon Passoti or Charlie Mann.

Crypto Currency is looked after by Marcel Danihel, he will also be led up by Harry and he is ridden at home by Andy Llewellyn.

Seaston Spirit is looked after and will be led up by Marcel Danihel, he is ridden at home by James Luck.