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06-January-2020 14:17
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by Admin


30/12/19 Taunton

Broughton’s Bear - he didn’t run any sort of race, it was too bad to be true.

I’m going to put a line through it.

He schooled on Thursday and was good.

I’ll run him again soon.


Republican - he’s a horse I’ve always liked so I was delighted but slightly surprised.

I was pleased with the way he battled from the last flight, he’s an improving horse.


Shaughnessy - trainer error, the track didn’t really suit him and even less so when all the fences down the back straight were removed.


Jersey Bean - he’s just lost his mojo at the moment, whether it’s a confidence thing after running over fences I don’t know.


31/12/19 Uttoxeter

Seaston Spirit - won another average race, his confidence is now sky high and he’s got his jumping together.

I’m delighted for his owner, Michael Fiddy, he’s been a frustrating horse at times.


0101/20 Exeter

Broughton’s Rhythm - probably on that ground he didn’t get home again, I’ll drop him to two in those conditions or further on better ground.

Age could be catching up with him.


Laurie Come On - he didn’t run his race for sone reason and he hung badly.

That ground would have been tough enough for him.

He will have a mark now so hopefully we’ll have something to work with when we get him back right.


Felix D’Autry - he actually ran ok but his jumping was awful, it was only ability that allowed him to finish as close as he did.

He’ll be ok once he grows up.


04/01/20 Wincanton

Book Of Gold - he didn’t do a tap, he sulked in behind what was a competitive race.

That’s him I’m afraid, he has ability but things have to go right for him.



Vinnie The Hoddie - fell first.

Very frustrating, I’m going to get Yogi Breisner in to have a look at him but he’s a brilliant jumper at home, it’s up to him to cop on.


05/01/20 Plumpton

Weststreet - he ran ok but he’s better than that.

We are going to check his wind out as he ran in snatches.